Novinger store sells $30,000 scratch off

A small area store had quite the excitement Sunday afternoon, $30,000 worth of excitement to be exact.

The Sunshine Country store in Novinger sold the winning ticket to an Iowa wife and mother of two as she stopped into the store while visiting friends.

After she bought the ticket, she walked outside to the vehicle, scratched off the winning ticket and her friends returned inside the store to share the good news, which was welcomed with joy by the store.

â??I was jumping up and down,â?? said owner Martha Dyer. â??Everyone that knows me knows I'm pretty silly, but she was crying and trying to reach her husband on the phone and he wasn't answering because he was at work, and she was trying to reach her mother and she was just hugging her friends.â??

However, the woman that won was not able to redeem her ticket, because she was not able to leave work Monday.