OATS Driver goes above and beyond

Pictured are: (L to R) David Buchholz, Tom White, OATS driver Ralph Crank, and Milton Gillean pictured with Mrs. Shelton. David, Tom and Milton are from A & W Communications, Inc.

Itâ??s not uncommon to see an OATS bus wherever you are in Missouri. Itâ??s also not uncommon to see an OATS driver volunteering in the community.

Ralph Crank is no exception when it comes to caring about his clients. Crank has been driving for OATS since 2008, and he takes pride in helping others live independently in their own homes as long as possible.

This summer, Crank wanted to do more to help an OATS rider who relies on a wheelchair for mobility, but had difficulty entering and exiting her home.

â??As a driver for Mrs. Wendell Shelton of Eolia, it was very difficult for her two caregivers and myself to get her down the front steps of her home while in her wheelchair,â?? says Crank.

Mrs. Shelton needed a ramp to make that task easier, so Crank started looking for agencies that could help. Although this proved to be more difficult than he first expected, Crank finally found the help he needed at A&W Communications.

Tom White, President of A &W Communications, Inc. and his employees took on the task of providing the materials and building the ramp for Mrs. Shelton as their way of giving back to their community.

Now, when Crank and his OATS bus come to pick up Mrs. Shelton, he can rest assured that she can come and go safely from her home.

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