OATS Transportation helps individuals travel in winter weather

The Older Adults Transportation Service is helping seniors travel safely in winter conditions.

The OATS service transports an estimated 100 people in and around Kirksville daily. However, when winter weather does strike, members of the OATS Regional Offices keep in contact with MO-DOT and local police departments to ensure that the roads are safe to travel.

A general rule of thumb to remember is when schools in the area cancel classes, then the OATS Service is temporarily suspended. The OATS Service allows people who have errands to run in the wintertime to get out and do so safely, without putting themselves in danger while driving.

"It helps people get to work, doctors appointments, do shopping. It helps people not be stuck inside their house," said Paula Roush, of the Northeast Region OATS.

OATS is a non-profit corporation that provides transportation for senior citizens, people with disabilities, and the rural public in 87 of Missouri's counties.