Obama Campaign's "Day of Action"

The Ottumwa OFA office officially opened on Saturday

The Obama Campaign held more than 4,200 events nationwide and more than 170 events throughout the state of Iowa on Saturday.

It is called a â??Day of Action.â?? It kicked off the 60-day countdown to early vote and the 100-day countdown to Election Day.

And the Obama For America (OFA) office in Ottumwa officially opened on Saturday.

Election Day is just around the corner, and already Wapello County Democrats are hard at work at their OFA office in downtown Ottumwa. Volunteers are starting to make phone calls and going door to door to speak with residents about President Obama.

The day brought out many elected Democratic Officials running for re-election.

â??So Iâ??m here to support the President but Iâ??m here to support all the Democrats who are running up and down the ticket -- clearly here to support myself as well -- asking the folks of Wapello County to send me to victory November 6,â?? said Congressman Dave Loebsack.

Many already know that Iowa is first in the nation when it comes to the Presidential Election in the Caucuses.

â??But what they don't realize is that Iowaâ??s actually the first state in the nation for voting -- that we are the first votes that are going to be cast in person are going to happen here in Iowa. Itâ??s going to happen on September 27,â?? said Troy Price, OFA Political Director.

And there was one reoccurring comment from elected officials with regards to the election:

â??It's very important that we get out, vote this year. We need everybody's vote. We want to hear all voters so if you don't vote, we donâ??t hear your voice and we need to, as elected officials,â?? said Mary Gaskill, St. Rep. for Ottumwa.

OFA volunteers said they want to make sure that every single vote is cast.

â??Weâ??re going to be out there fighting. Thatâ??s why we're putting together this great organization. Weâ??re going to have offices, all across the state. Weâ??re going to have, like I said, we have thousands of volunteers across the state already. Weâ??re only going to continue to grow,â?? said Price.