OEDC returns from fiber optics model site visit

The Ottumwa Economic Development Corporation (OEDC) has been pounding away at developing a fiber optics model that will suit needs for the city of Ottumwa.

Part of this is by traveling to areas that are similar to Ottumwa which already have a fiber optics model in place.

ODEC officials traveled to Steuben County in northeast Indiana to learn more about their model that has been in place for 12 years.

Information technology expert Craig Settles from California made the trip as well. He has been surveying Ottumwaâ??s need for such a fiber optics model.

David Barajas of ODEC said itâ??s important to be objective about these types of visits and to gather as much quality information as possible so the best decision for Ottumwa and Wapello Countyâ??s future can be made.

â??We're hoping that -- to potentially have a pilot project or some different pilot projects that we're looking at. Potentially have the pilot project ready to move forward with, maybe in the spring of 2014,â?? said Barajas.

Barajas said having fiber optics broadband will provide better opportunities to retain and attract good quality businesses to Ottumwa.