OFA 'Gotta Vote' Bus Tour makes stop in Ottumwa

Mayor RT Ryback spoke to Obama Supporters at the OFA office in Ottumwa

Election Day is now only six days away and the Democratic National Committee and Obama for America â??Gotta Voteâ?? Bus Tour rolled into Ottumwa Wednesday morning.

The Mayor of Minneapolis and Vice Chair of the Democratic National Committee R.T. Ryback spoke to Obama supporters saying the President is counting on Iowans to help him win this election.

â??Four years ago the President came to Iowa and said â??trust me to lead this country and ill fight for you every single dayâ??. He's earned every gray hair on his head, fighting for the middle class, fighting for Main Street Iowa, fighting for the folks on the farm and more important than anything else, making sure people know that in a tough time the President was there. He's been there every day through the crisis he walked into. Every crisis he's had his eye on, Main Street America and absolutely the state that matters an enormous amount to him, Iowa,â?? said Mayor Ryback.

The â??Gotta Voteâ?? bus tour continued onto Burlington after its stop to the Ottumwa OFA office.