OFD participates in pump tactic training

The Ottumwa Fire Department was able to get in some training on various pump tactics on Tuesday because of the low nitrate levels in the Des Moines River.

Assistant Fire Chief Mike Craff said this is a good opportunity to teach the younger guys the importance of multiple lines off a pump, as well as transferring to another truck in case the hydro pressure is too low. In that case, they have to boost the pressure to the next truck.

â??And the importance of multiple lines is say if somebodyâ??s on a roof or ladder or even in the winter time on ice or something, when you shut one line down, it increases pressure on the next line. So we want our guys to be able to gauge that pressure so that it stays the same and there's just different ways, it depends on what you're doing to do that and it's a safety issue but it's important to just -- that's what we do and we got to keep up our training up on that,â?? said Assistant Chief Craff.

Doing these trainings also help make sure that equipment is working properly.