OFD reminds residents of city burn policies

Ottumwa residents are reminded of the city's zero tolerance policy for anyone caught burning garbage.

The fire department will respond if they receive a burning complaint.

If the fire is determined to be illegal, the Ottumwa Fire Department will extinguish the fire and a fine will be issued.

Upon first citation the property owner will be fined $335. A second citation brings about a $585 fine and a third offense will have you paying $835.

â??Now that it's getting a little bit warmer out it does seem to be an issue that we have every year where people decide to get out there in the fresh air and try burning things, what we try to get them to remember is that is we can only burn in the city of Ottumwa is you can only burn natural vegetation,â?? said Cory Dillon of the Ottumwa Fire Department.

It's only legal to burn yard waste like tree limbs, leaves and grass within city limits.

Yard waste can also be disposed of at no charge at the Ottumwa/Wapello landfill.

The recycling center accepts grass clippings and leaves only. Curbside yard waste collection will resume again in April.