OFD'S Cory Benge graduates from Iowa Law Enforcement Academy

OFD's Cory Benge talks about his experience at the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy.

An Ottumwa Fire Department employee has some new training under his belt.

Chief Deputy Cory Benge has spent the past four months at the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy in Johnston.

He graduated in the top ten percent of his class, and he now knows the basics of what you need to know to be a police officer. He learned everything from firearms to Iowa law. The chief deputy says he's not planning to leave the fire department anytime soon however.

"I just hope to basically make myself better to do my job I do now as far as fire investigations and that type thing, maybe hopefully expand a little bit into working with the police department and their investigations, make myself better at doing interviews and investigations," Benge said.

The City of Ottumwa paid for Benge's schooling and wages. Around a dozen firefighters in the state have gone through this training as fire investigators. Benge says he hopes the next person to hold his position at the OFD is encouraged go through the same type of training.