OHS Jazz Band and Show Choir travel to area schools to perform

The Ottumwa High School Jazz Band and Show Choir went on the road around Ottumwa on Friday to share with Douma and Agassiz Elementary School and Evans Middle School the sound of music.

This gives younger students the opportunity to see what they have to look forward to when they enter high school.

The jazz band is made up of about 15 students and they compete in three to four competitions a year.

The show choir is made up about 70 students and their last competition is Saturday in Manchester, Iowa.

â??So we've gotten a couple second place trophies and we got a 5th runner up at one of the biggest competitions in the state and we're hoping to make finals again this weekend,â?? said Dennis Vasconzes, Show Choir Director.

â??It's really fun. I like going to the competitions. Theyâ??re really -- I like competitive things and show choir is really competitive I just love getting up on the stage and dancing and singing,â?? said Trenton Oâ??Leary, Show Choir member.

Vasconzes said this yearâ??s show choir is the best in school history.