OHS students bring projects to state tech competition

Randy Woodruff's students are ready to bring their projects to the Tech Expo near Des Moines.

Ottumwa High School students will be bringing several projects that have cost them sleepless nights and required long hours to the State Tech Expo at Southeast Polk High School Friday.

Randy Woodruff's students have been working on projects like a model car and their high-mileage car that won last year's state competition. Woodruff said his students put hard work and a lot of time into these projects, most of which they've been working on year-round, and this is the one time of year they get their time to shine.

"I worked on body work, bondo and paint, getting stuff straightened up on the body," said Ottumwa High School senior Clayton Webster.

"I did a lot of the welding on it and I mounted the engine and welded an axel in it," said senior Collin Culder.

"I pretty much did the same as [Clayton], body work on it, bonded the fenders, smoothed it down, bonded again, smoothed it down," said Jacob Pilkington.

The high-mileage car that won at last year's competition is tested based on how many miles the car can go on eight ounces of gasoline. This year's students are hoping they can improve on the car's performance last year.

"This is the high mileage vehicle that won state last year with 300 miles to the gallon and some of the modifications we did is the back rear-end mounts and we put foot pedal steering in it and then we kind of beefed up the front end and put a new seat in," said Josh McCoy. "And then we put a cover on it, so hopefully it'll do a little bit better."

The Tech Expo is held all day Friday, May 11 at Southeast Polk High School.