OHS students build robots to compete at IHCC

Students at Ottumwa High School gathered Thursday afternoon to work on their robots.

The students are putting together a robot to compete in a regional competition which will take place in January at Indian Hills Community College.

The machine that the students are putting together has come a long way, and Thursday afternoon, Ottumwa High School students told KTVO about the robot they are building.

"Well, this robot is done, and the one over on that table, we are going to make a device on it so we can pick up rings. We have a scrimmage on Saturday, so as the more rings you get on the pegs, the higher the points. The arm is going to extend probably a foot and take the rings off and put it on a different peg system," said Roger, who is working on the robot project.

Mr. Johnston is helping the students through the process. John Deere has supplied grants for the students to build the robots; being that parts and other supplies are needed to be purchased.

More than a dozen students participate in the program at Ottumwa High School.