Old Iron Show showcases antique farm equipment

Old Iron Show at the Wapello County Fairgrounds

Frank Tharp bought his 1916 22-horsepower Wood Brothers Stream Traction engine five years ago.

"I was able to find it up by Helena, Montana, and I travelled to Montana and brought it home."

He spent the weekend out at the Wapello County Fairgrounds for the second ever Old Iron Show put on by the Eldon Masonic Lodge to showcase what he calls one of his most prized possessions.

"It's neat that something that old is still going, and that it doesn't run on gasoline or diesel, it runs on fire, so you have to build a fire in it to run, so most people are pretty amazed at that you have to build a fire to make it run,â?? he said.

While Tharp saws lumber with his steam engine. The machine was used for a variety of tasks back in the day.

â??Just anything if they would need some type of power plant for, you could grade roads, move houses, run a thrashing machine, run a saw mill like we're doing here, run a rock crusher, just anything that power was needed for other than horses,â?? he said.

Other items on display included pre-1940s cars, stationary engines, tractors more than 50 years old and a working sawmill.

â??I've been on a saw mill all morning, trying to get the engines ready for the saw mill now Iâ??m helping on a saw mill right now,â?? Mike Wasson said.

"Well my husband he's got some friends that own an old steam engine, so we just thought we'd come out and look around a little bit and look at stuff so it's been pretty interesting,â?? spectator Wanda Proctor said.