Old Jefferson County Jail is now the county attorney's new home

The old jail on West Hempstead is now the home of the Jefferson County Attorney's office.

The old Jefferson County Jail is now, ironically, the new home for the county attorney's office.

The county attorney's office will move from its old space at 117 Broadway Avenue to a 100-year-old building on West Hempstead, right across the street from the Jefferson County Courthouse. The building was used as the sheriff's office and jail until 1974, then offices for the Department of Human Services, but has been empty now for several years.

The county considered tearing it down, but with some remodeling, it has become energy efficient and a convenient place for the office.

"It is a really nice space, so it's going to be very efficient and work very well for the county attorney and the people that use the county attorney," said Dick Reed, of the Jefferson County Board of Supervisors.

Reed said the cost-saving measures in heating and cooling will likely pay off the cost of the remodel in about ten years. The remodeling and reconstruction on the building began at the start of the year, and the county attorney's office will be fully moved into the space on June 5.

The old building on Broadway Avenue will be auctioned off on June 24th at 10 a.m. The building is in downtown Fairfield and the Board of Supervisors hope a new business or shop might be able to move into it.