Old Main Street building in Ottumwa undergoing maintenance

The old Main Street Building in Ottumwa is currently undergoing renovations in an effort to make the space profitable once again.

After Main Street Ottumwa moved into its new facilities, the city acquired the old Main Street building.

The building had plenty of deferred maintenance and needed lots of attention.

The city put the building up for bid, and it is now owned by Hotel Ottumwa Owner Tim Schwartz.

Schwartz said the city has been very helpful during the rehabilitation process.

"The city's been a great partner working with us on this," said Schwartz. "It was an eyesore for them so they've really helped. Between actually the city and the Legacy Foundation, both have partnered to get this building back into a tax-producing, revenue generator for the city."

Schwartz said the plan is for housing to be on the second or third floors.

He also said office or retail opportunities are being pursued for the first floor.