Old Salvation Army building set to become a gym

The old Salvation Army building will soon be expanding thanks to approval to rezone from the city council.

Ken Crosser and April Hammack, the owners of the facility located at 203 W. 4th St., wanted to make the vacant building into a gym or transitional housing unit. The Planning and Zoning Commission denied the transitional housing idea, but they did agree upon a gym type facility. With the unanimous vote from the city council to change the area from an OA-1 Office Apartment zone to a C-1 Retail Business district, the owners can expand the building into a fitness center.

â??I guess from my point of view and the rest of the council, is that it's on a very busy street, and Anderson Larkin is one of the companies that they own, and it's got really nice landscaping, looks really nice, and if they can take that some concept and expand it to the end of the street in that corner of the salvation army, then why wouldn't we want them to do that and improve and beautify the downtown area,â?? Councilman Jeremy Weller said.

The owners are still in negotiations on the property behind the Salvation Army building, in which they plan to tear down and make a parking lot.