Old tree removed from downtown Kirksville

The change of seasons brings new duties for local businesses like Trumascape in Kirksville. Old trees are often hollowed out at the base from age and become hazardous to homes and streets.

"The problem with these large trees so close to a house is any type of straight line wind storm like we get most springs; it catches a lot of air, especially these big maples, and is really susceptible to uprooting and falling on the homes," said Trumascape owner John Nolan.

This project is one of the more high profile jobs Trumascape has seen because of the traffic on Jefferson Street, requiring the business to coordinate with the city on temporarily turning the street into a one-way. But the 100 plus foot tall tree brings excitement to the crew.

"It's not like I said it's maybe once or twice a month so it's not very often we get a job like this where we bring all the equipment out, the big crane, everyone gets to see us at work and what we do best," said Trumascape VP Seth Hampel.

If you were downtown Kirksville today, there's a reason you didn't hear a timber shout, no logs or branches are allowed to hit the streets or housing.

"You've got to take it down piece by piece," Nolan added. "We've got a climber, Brandon, he gets up in the tree and takes out the top sections and all the way down. The large logs we don't just let hit the ground; we lift out with a crane."

After a ten-hour day this 80 year hazardous maple, is only but a stump by the end of the day.