One arrested following weekend gun incident

A Kirksville man is in custody after police say he pointed a pistol in an officer's direction.

Phillip Arnold, 21, faces one count of unlawful use of a loaded firearm. This comes after Kirksville police responded to his home following a call about a man armed with a gun trying to harm himself.

According to court documents, once officers arrived, they noticed a car leaving the driveway. A witness told them the man inside the car had a handgun.

The vehicle later returned to the home, and police said Arnold got out with a handgun.

Officers allege he pulled the slide back in a motion that loads the round into the chamber.

They said Arnold then pointed the pistol in officers' direction before placing it on his chin.

Police were able to talk to Arnold, but officers said he would not drop the weapon or follow their commands.

As Arnold tried to go inside the residence, officers hit Arnold with a round from a 12-gauge, non-lethal shot gun, which forced Arnold to drop his weapon. He was then taken into custody.

Now we wanted to find out exactly what the non-lethal weapon is that officers used in this incident.

The incident could have been tragic, but thanks to the non-lethal weapon Kirksville Police used, it ended well.

The 12-gauge non-lethal shot gun is used for certain situations, ones not using deadly force.

The beanbag rounds shoot at 300 feet per second, and police tell our Justin Andrews the weapon is used in situations just like this one-- when a person is holding himself hostage.

"This also come out in intense situations," said Officer Matt Kellison with the Kirksville Police department. "We've got officers with guns up and possible a guy with a gun they see this and they realize that we have a less lethal beanbag rounds. if we have to take a shot without being able to let our officers know as soon as they see this, this is a less lethal shot gun, due to the orange, so everybody can see it."

The police department says they have to used it about every five years and they have 3 of the shotguns on hand.

Arnold is in custody on $10,000 cash only bond.