One candidate's bid for Ottumwa City Council up in the

71 signatures are what it takes to run for Ottumwa City Council.

However, after reviewing 73 signatures turned in by Dennis Renfrew, it turned out he only had 69 signatures that were eligible electors in the city of Ottumwa.

Renfrewâ??s name had already been placed on the ballot; at this point, the city has had three objections to his nomination papers.

Those objections were filed before 5 p.m. yesterday which was the deadlines.

The city clerk, mayor and one member of the city council will serve as a panel to hear the objections from the electors.

â??What we decide is whether his name will be on the ballot or not, whether the objections is founded or not. We'll look through all of the documentation that was provided and make a decision which is final,â?? said Amada Valent, Ottumwa City Clerk.

Valent said a situation like Renfrewâ??s is rare. The panel met Wednesday afternoon. As soon as a decision is reached, we will update this story.