One Day Without Shoes

You may have seen people walking around Tuesday barefoot; that is because it was â??One Day without Shoesâ?? day.

The day is to raise awareness for the millions of kids worldwide who donâ??t have shoes to wear.

Third grade students in Judi Lindbergâ??s class at Davis Elementary School participated, as well. Thatâ??s right; about twenty kids in one room were barefoot for the whole school day.

â??It makes me really sad to think that in the Philippines they live in a trash land and there's like screws and all kinds of pointy stuff that would get into their feet,â?? says third grader Carson Zeller.

â??One Day without Shoesâ?? goes along with the popular shoe brand â??Toms,â?? With each pair of shoes bought, a pair is donated to someone deserving in a third-world country.

People all over the world participated by not wearing shoes. When approached by others as to why they were barefoot, it was their chance to spread the word.

â??If we learn it now as children, when we grow up to be adults we'll have good practice at it. So my class is fabulous this year,â?? said Jodi Lindberg, Davis County Elementary third grade teacher.

It amazes Lindberg to see her students care so much about a cause at such a young age.

Lindbergâ??s third graders explained to students in other classes why they were barefoot, spreading the awareness one person at a time.