One family tree chart for history

A heartland family has a long history to celebrate.

Norma Barker, formerly of Kirksville, made a family tree chart that is about 96 feet long. It spans 11 generations of the Barkers, dating back to 1788.

We've got over 3,200 people on this chart. Barker said. That includes spouses including extra marriages like 1 or 2 marriages in the family. It also includes all the children, the grandchildren, and their spouses clear from 1788 and down to 2010.

The idea for the family tree chart came about when Norma TMs older cousins would tell stories about the earlier days of the family and wanted to learn more. She gives her whole family credit for making all of this happen.

I really can't take any honor for this. All I did was take the information down and I put it on these charts because we have such a great family. The history of this country is based on people that came over from England, Scotland, different countries like Wales and Germany back in the early to mid 1700's. It all started with my great-great grandfather being born in 1788.

After eight years, countless searches of documents, and visits to courthouses and cemeteries later. The project was completed just in time for this weekend TMs Barker family reunion.

The family tree chart will be available for the public to see from 8:30 to 11:30 tomorrow morning on the NEMO Fairgrounds in Kirksville.