One Heartland church preparing for Holy Week

<p> </p><p>Mary Immaculate Catholic Church observed Palm Sunday and begins Holy Week.</p>

Churches across the Heartland are preparing for their biggest week of the year.

Mary Immaculate Catholic Church in Kirksville observed Palm Sunday.

Palm sunday is celebrated as the day Jesus Christ entered the city of Jerusalem. He was greeted by towns people by pieces of palm trees according to the Bible. This day was also marked as the beginning of his finally journey towards his crucifixion.

"We recall and look back to events of the past. Look at them and regard them and participate in them as they are happening now. We place ourselves into the various events in the unfolding drama," said Father Chris Cordes of Mary Immaculate Catholic Church.

Palm Sunday now officially kicks off holy week for the church. It all leads up to Good Friday when Jesus' death is recognized. After that will be Easter Sunday to celebrate his resurrection.

Mary Immaculate will be holding mass services throughout Holy Week.