One Heartland hospital is revived and revitalized

The Putnam County Memorial hospital has a lot to be proud about and has many reasons to celebrate. In early 2012, the hospital was two days away from closing its doors for good. Now, it is considered a miracle hospital. In April, it opened a brand new O.R. and in June it opened its new geriatric psych unit.

â??The purpose of this unit is for acute intensive care for about 2 weeks duration to adjust their medications, stabilize their health, stabilize their mental conditions so they can return to their long term facilities,â?? said Robert Jackson, D.O. Rheumatologist and Internal Medicine Specialist at Putnam County Memorial Hospital.

There are a lot of nice and unique features this hospital has that canâ??t be found anywhere else in the state. First, the large bulletproof windows allow patients to enjoy the outdoor scenery and it also helps regulate their sleep schedule. There are two way doors which prevent patients from barricading themselves in a room and this is the only place in Missouri where you can find this type of special bedding.

â??This is the only critical crisis hospital in the state of Missouri that has critical access beds for geriatric psych and next decade the number one chronic illness is going to be Alzheimerâ??s disease. So when you have an aging population our parent our grandparents have a high likely hood of having this illness it is nice to know that we can take care of them at home,â?? he said

There is already a waiting list to be treated within the hall and soon there will be doctors operating robots to treat patients from hundreds of miles away giving more reason to celebrate the preservation of life.