One teenager's passion for wild mustangs

A picture of Abby Brown and one of her many awards

â??It just became a passion,â?? said Abby Brown.

A passion for training wild mustangs that is. Five years ago, 17-year-old Abby Brown from Seymour, Iowa took a trip to the county fair and came back with something that would change her life forever.

â??I won my first horse at the county fair. You had to fill out an application and get interviewed by the fair board and they picked the winner and I had never touched a horse before,â?? said Brown.

She said she was afraid at first but with a little help from her trainer, in no time she was training wild mustangs and competed in her first competition in 2009 where she had 90 days to train a never before touched mustang.

And since then she has been racking up the awards and will be traveling to Fort Worth, Texas in September competing with Ozzy, the wild mustang she has been training.

And this competitionâ??s a little bit different than others she has competed in.

â??This one -- a couple months before -- they put the horses online and you get to pick what yearling you want. So like with this one, a neighbor wanted a horse for their grandchild and they went on it to pick which one they wanted and bid on it and paid for it and then chose me as the trainer to show it,â?? said Brown.

Brown is friends with the adoptive parents so sheâ??ll still get to see the mustang she has trained for so long.

â??This one, this horse belongs to Laudi; sheâ??s 4. She comes out occasionally and leads the horse around and seems to be pretty excited about it most of the time,â?? said Lisa Carter, Ozzyâ??s adoptive parent.

After high school Brown plans to go to college for Equine Science and Ranch Management.

â??No matter what I do, I want to train horses on the side,â?? said Brown.