Onshore Outsourcing to add 100 new jobs

A well-known Macon company announced plans that will impact the entire city.

Onshore Outsourcing is expanding and adding over 100 new jobs. The company which is currently housed in the former MoDOT District Office Building is looking to purchase the buildings next door.

This will allow them to give more opportunities to the community. Onshore plans to team up with Hannibal-LaGrange University and the Macon R-1 School District. The new buildings will let the company work with high school students and teach them skills to use in the workplace.

A day care center will also be included in the new building, so that parents can work and attend classes, while their child is cared for. The expansion will also bring 100 new jobs into the area.

"Jobs spur an economic growth and when you grow an economy it really enriches the lives of everybody in the community, so payroll dollars they turn over, so that allows more restaurants, it allows more taxes to go to the school system, and it makes the community just a better place to live," said Shane Mayes, Onshore Outsourcing CEO.

Onshore also kicked off their summer celebration Friday. This allows all Onshore employees and family members to gather and spend time together.