Onshore Technology is hiring

An up-and-coming Macon business is hiring.

I.T. services group Onshore Technology Services is in the process of expanding the company.

Just this week, the group moved into the former MODT district office building in Macon, which is the largest building in the city.

RIght now, the company has about 100 employees working there, but with this expansion, on-shore can create new jobs.

"Right now we have plans to hire about 100 people this year," said CEO Shane Mayes. "We are actively seeking people right now. We do provide training. Really what we are looking for is the best and brightest in the region and also those people that we can provide training to get them into these jobs fairly quickly."

Mayes hopes to expand the company across the Show-Me-State.

"The thing that excites me about our recent expansion is that we have a real opportunity here to completely revitalized this region and retool the economic side of the are from what was a manufacturing and agricultural based economy to a group of thought workers to where we can export our knowledge outside of Macon and Northeast Missouri and really make a difference and create a lot of jobs," Mayes said.

Onshore also has offices in Joplin and St. Louis.

You can apply for a position with the company by going to their website or call (660) 395-4242.