Operation Sheriff Reach gaining momentum

The right to own guns has been a controversial topic making headlines lately and one local gun advocate group is trying to rally support to keep guns in the hands of citizens.

Itâ??s called Operation Sheriff Reach and more than half of the counties in Iowa have one of these groups.

Chris Pitt is the organizer of Wapello Countyâ??s group and he is gathering signatures on a letter that he plans to give to the sheriff.

Pitt said he hopes that the sheriff will support the US Constitution and not â?? what he calls â?? the unconstitutional federal laws that are trying to be pushed.

â??I'd say don't turn in your guns if it comes to that. Do everything you can to prevent it from passing in the first place. This is why Iâ??m trying to get support from the sheriff because they're the last line of defense from it -- from full confiscation,â?? said Pitt.

Currently, Pitt has around 100 signatures. His plan is to collect as many as he can this week and give the letter to the sheriff in the next few days.