Ordinance targets adults who knowingly host parties for minors

Itâ??s an effort to combat what seems like the ever-increasing underage drinking.

The social host ordinance being proposed in Jefferson County has strong support from the Substance Awareness Committee which is made up of the supervisors, law enforcement, school district officials and other community members.

The idea behind the ordinance is about holding adults accountable who knowingly host a party where underage drinking is being allowed.

The ordinance would only impose a civil penalty and no criminal action would be involved.

Already in place now is a law about adults contributing to delinquency of minors stating that itâ??s illegal to provide alcohol to minors.

However, law enforcement and the county attorneyâ??s office said unless they physically see an adult providing alcohol to a minor, that adult canâ??t be charged.

â??It is our belief and understanding that we need to change attitudes before we will really have a lasting impact on our youth. And the attitudes we have to change are those of the adults. This does not, this ordinance would not prevent parents from giving alcohol to their own son or daughter in their home,â?? said Lee Dimmitt, Jefferson County Supervisor.

Dimmitt said the ordiance would also allow for any reasonable attmept to prevent or stop the party by the adult whose property the party is on by calling law enforcement would not be penalized.

Those that are weary of the ordinance said they wonder why there should be another ordinance put into place when there are already ordinances that arenâ??t being enforced.