Ortech speaks about alleged shooting plot

David Songer, 48, of Kirksville, allegedly made the statement that he was going to shoot and kill workers at the Ortech plant in Kirksville.

According to court documents David Songer, 48, of Kirksville threatened to blow up and kill multiple employees at the Ortech plant in Kirksville.

Ortech Human Resources Manager Jon Hurd said Songer was a full-time employee of Ortech since 2005. He said Songer came in to work for his regular shift and had left for lunch. When he came back investigators said he had three fully loaded handguns, three loaded magazines and an extra box of ammunition with him.

Hurd said Songer did display some issues, but nothing that would alarm them to this. â??H
e had been a little bit more argumentative than what employees normally are,â?? Hurd said. â??When it came to settling conflicts, he would be...â??moody.â?? He had never gotten into any type of trouble, or had any disciplinary action regarding that; but he had been spoken to about it by management.â??

Hurd said if you see any alarming behavioral patterns or any differences in behavior from people you work with it should be taken seriously even if it seems minor.

Songer is charged with three felony charges: first-degree assault, armed criminal action and making a terrorist threat with reckless disregard of risk of causing evacuation/ closure of a building/ inhabitable structure/ place of assembly/ facility of transportation.

Hurd said he wants to thank the Kirksville Police Department for its prompt response. He said because of Thursdayâ??s events the company is taking a look and changing some procedures it has in place.

Songer is being held on $150,000 cash-only bond. He was originally incarcerated at the Adair County Jail, but he is currently not at that facility. The prosecutor, sheriff and jail staffers all told KTVO they were not at liberty to say where Songer is at this time.

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