Oskaloosa Mayhem Girls Roller Derby team means business

Oskaloosa Mayhem Girls beat the Dakota City Demolition Crew 175-133 on Saturday night

The Oskaloosa Mayhem Girls or â??OMGâ?? Roller Derby team made their presence known Saturday night at the Bridge View Center.

All geared up, the girls were ready to take on the Dakota City Demolition Crew.

Roller derby is very much so a contact sport, not only for the players but for the audience at times, as well.

â??One unique thing is the suicide seating. So at the outside of the track, there's a referee lane. But as soon as youâ??re passed that, as long as youâ??re 18 or older, you can sit down there and you're like right in front, right at the action. So I mean you can have people fall on you and run into you so you got to be careful,â?? said Kelli Martino, Oskaloosa Mayhem Girls.

â??We did have a gal on OMG that she did break her leg during derby boot camp. I didn't see that, thank goodness,â?? Judy Wicks, referee.

This is a sport where you definitely need to be able to handle being pushed around!

OMG beat the Dakota City Demolition Crew 175-133. The next home game for the Oskaloosa Mayhem Girls will be September 8 at the Bridge View Center against the Quad City Rollers.