Osky ax murderer challenges his own guilty plea

Bradley Arterburn hears his sentence in an Oskaloosa courtroom in Nov. 2016./Beth Waldon KTVO

A court has denied an Oskaloosa man's attempt to appeal his guilty plea.

Bradley Arterburn was originally convicted of First-Degree Murder by a jury of killing his stepfather, Hank Horovitz, with a medieval style battle ax.

Aterburn appealed that conviction and a new trial was scheduled.

But as the second trial approached in November of 2016, Arterburn decided to plead guilty to Second-Degree Murder.

It's that plea that was the subject of Tuesday's Appeal's Court decision.

The court denied that appeal on three grounds.

First, there was no error by the trial judge that would allow Arterburn to a appeal his plea arrangement.

The court also rejected Arterburn's argument that his plea deal was the result of ineffective counsel.

Additionally, the judges weren't convinced by arguments that the facts of the case didn't support a conviction.

The 32-year-old Arterburn is currently serving his 50 year sentence in the Anamosa State Penitentiary.

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