Ottumwa 5th graders compete in Book Bowl

Ottumwa, Iowa (KTVO) - Around fifty Ottumwa 5th graders teamed up to represent their elementary schools for the 12th annual Book Bowl.

These students had been preparing for the event throughout the school year reading 9 books to be quizzed over. The book bowl had over a hundred spectators, mostly being family members of competitors. There were 8 teams of 6, with winners of each round moving on until a champion was decided. Rounds had a total of 20 questions, and the first to sound the buzzer got to answer. Correct answers were awarded 10 points and each missed was deducted 5. Individuals who answered 6 correct questions a round were deemed "quiz masters."

â??I felt really good about it, because we started out really good and we ended really good and everybody was pretty much getting a chance to answer all the questions,â?? said Lilly Frazier, Quiz Master.

The winning team was awarded medals and the highly sought after traveling trophy, to have in their elementary school for the year.