Ottumwa bridge condition report to be given at city council meeting

At Tuesday night's Ottumwa City Council meeting, Director of Public Works, Larry Seals, will present a report on the condition of the city's bridges.

The report will contain an overview of all the city's bridges.

All of the city's bridges spanning more than 20 feet are required to be inspected biannually.

A structural analysis and inventory must also be performed

"Some bridges have special conditions that might require the two year inspection to become a one year inspection," said Seals. "Some bridges have fracture critical inspections--the Jefferson Street bridge. The Market Street bridge used to have fractural critical inspections. With our new design, we'll at least eliminate that."

The most critical bridges are those at South Ward Street, Wildwood Park, and Ray Street.

They will be the next bridges addressed within the city's bridge program.

Maintenance is always being done on the bridges to maintain safety standards.


Here are the main takeaways from the report at Tuesday night's council meeting.

The Ray Street, South Ward Street, and Wildwood Park bridges all need to be replaced within five years.

The total cost to replace them is $550,000. The Jefferson Street bridge also needs $300,000 in repair work.

Grant money can be used to help with funding on all of these projects except the Wildwood Park bridge which will need to be funded locally.

"It's interesting how the rating system works on the grant," said Seals. "Annual and daily traffic reports are a big part. Plastification is a big part--detour route--there's a lot of factors that go into rating a bridge."

The council said it does not intend to shut down any bridges.

They said work will be done on the city bridges before Wildwood Park.