Ottumwa businesses to have extended hours April 25th

Main Street Ottumwa will be bringing businesses together in an effort to expand the market.

On April 25th, dozens of businesses will be having extended hours.

It will feature a Ladies Night Out theme.

Some businesses in downtown Ottumwa have most of their customers come from outside the city.

Part of the reason is not many are open after five.

Business owners will also get to know each other during the extended hours.

"I think it's a very exciting thing that businesses are working together with each other in ways they've never done before," said Main Street Ottumwa Director Bob Untiedt. "And we're really taking advantage of the 140 some businesses downtown that lots of people in this very place just don't know about."

Each guest will receive a passbook that will be stamped at each business.

If they visit ten of them, they'll be eligible for a raffle.

The event could be a monthly occurrence.