Ottumwa celebrates American Education Week

This week is dedicated to honoring a group that flies under the radar---those who mold the minds of our young people.

The week of November 18th to the 22nd is nationally recognized as American Education Week.

The purpose of American Education Week is to celebrate public education throughout the United States and thank those who teach young people.

This week, the city of Ottumwa is honoring teachers and everyone else who works in the Ottumwa School District with exceptional celebrations.

The Knights of Columbus held a banquet this week sponsored by Hyvee and Wells Fargo Bank that honored educators in the district.

Ann Youngman, Talented and Gifted Teacher for elementary schools in Ottumwa, said this is also a week for teachers to celebrate their peers as well.

"Because we don't always have the luxury of spending time together, and celebrating what we do is a moment where you see great smiles on people's faces," said Youngman. "They are thanked by other people that they don't always know or they'll hear great things from another colleague about things that they're doing and it's a wonderful experience."

American Education Week is always celebrated the week prior to Thanksgiving.