Ottumwa child abuser gets fifty years

Dustin Dewayne Armstrong

It was an emotional day at the Wapello County Courthouse as an Ottumwa man was sentenced for abusing a child.

20-year old Dustin Dewayne Armstrong received 50 years in jail for injuries he caused to a toddler.

Armstrong was arrested in June of 2013, after a lengthy investigation into incident earlier that year that led to two-year old Braydon Youngâ??s injuries.

Armstrong was originally scheduled to go to trial last month.

The day before the trial was scheduled to begin, Armstrong agreed to a plea.

Young was just two when he suffered abuse at the hands of Armstrong.

He suffered severe brain damage and was forced to endure six surgeries.

The court heard from Braydenâ??s mother before Judge Joel Yates handed down the sentence.

â??All I wanted to do was make him better. I begged to have my little boy look at me and tell me, mommy, I love you, I'm going to be okay. But all I got was silence because my little boy's innocence was taken by someone we trusted,â?? Lauren Young told the court.

The good news is that Brayden is on the road to recovery. It was originally thought the boy might not live. But just over a year, later he is walking and talking again.