Ottumwa City Council Chamber to debut its new camera system

Ottumwa City Council Chambers now has a new camera system

The Ottumwa City Council Chambers will be debuting a new $9,000 camera system Tuesday night at their regularly scheduled city council meeting.

Ottumwa Public Information Officer Tom Rodgers said the new camera system will enhance its broadcast abilities.

The weekly city council meeting is broadcast on Ottumwaâ??s local television channel 6.

Before the new equipment, Rodgers said bulky cameras from more than 15 years had been used for the broadcasts.

â??What we've done now is added remote control cameras to the system and a dedicated mixing switcher so we can do a lot better job of making the pictures do what we want them to do,â?? said Rodgers.

Rodgers said the goal of the broadcast each week is to allow citizens to stay in the comfort of their own home but still be able to keep up with whatâ??s going on in government.

He said the cameras will not only be easier to operate but also will provide a better viewing experience for those watching the broadcast.