Ottumwa City Council discuss changes to Main, Second Streets

Public Works Department Director Larry Seals presents road construction plans to Ottumwa City Council.

At Monday's special work meeting, the Ottumwa City Council discussed the idea of turning Main and Second Streets into two-way streets.

West Main and West Second are currently both one-way streets, but several groups believe that two-way traffic on downtown Main would improve the traffic flow and the downtown business environment. According to Public Works Department Director Larry Seals, once all the work is completed downtown, Second and Main Streets could easily be converted to two-way traffic between McPherson and McLain. Seals and the city engineer also presented early designs for the installation of a roundabout, which would go at the intersection of Main, Second and McPherson. The Ottumwa Legacy Foundation has an interest in both projects.

â??With the separation of Main and Second right there, there seems to be a great spot for that,â?? Brad Little, Ottumwa Regional Legacy Foundation President/CEO, said. â??You know, the Foundation can't make a financial commitment at this point, but what I did offer to Larry was to come here and to encourage us to continue this conversation.â??

Seals says his primary purpose for presenting the plans to the council Monday was to see if they liked the idea. Councilman Brian Morgan raised concerns about the Market Street Bridge being closed in February. With that in mind, the Public Works Department will start developing the expenses and timeframe of the projects.