Ottumwa City Council rules would make it harder to fire three city positions

Ottumwa City Hall

Monday evening the Ottumwa City Council rules are up for discussion.

The topic originally came about two years ago when the city went through the transit fiasco.

It was decided back then that there needed to be some rules made for City Council to follow.

Thereâ??s a lot of talk with changing how the council can eliminate the city administrator, city clear and city attorneyâ??s positions.

Currently the rules allow for a three to two simple majority vote. They are looking to change that to a four to one super majority vote.

â??Sometimes, specifically the City Admnistrator, maybe feels like he's walking on egg shells -- sometimes is the best way to put it. When you have council person threatening jobs you know all you have to do is get three votes, simple majority. It doesn't make for a great work environment and you don't want a city administrator that's constantly in fear for their job or a city clerk or city attorney,â?? said Jeremy Weller, Ottumwa City Councilman.

Weller said he believes this would make for a better work environment.