Ottumwa city officials explain trash collection procedures after the holidays

Now that the holidays are over, the City of Ottumwa is reminding residents how to properly dispose of live Christmas trees and garbage.

City officials encourage citizens to recycle old boxes, but wrapping paper and Styrofoam cannot be recycled and must be thrown in the regular trash. Every Tuesday throughout the month of January, Bridge City Sanitation will be collecting live Christmas trees on the curbside. Ottumwa Health and Inspections Director Jody Gates says with the inclement weather, there is a possibility of your trash pick-up being delayed.

â??If you do have any questions about what day your trash or recycling is going to be picked up on, you should call Bridge City Sanitation and get that information from them because it gets a little confusing when we have these holidays and usually the holidays do impact our trash and recycling days,â?? Gates said.

If you do experience any delays with your trash collection, you can contact Bridge City Sanitation at (641)-682-1700.