Ottumwa community honors Tom Lazio

The Ottumwa community celebrated the retirement and remarkable accomplishments of Tom Lazio on Saturday at the Hotel Ottumwa.

Lazio was the former executive director of American Home Finding Association. He served for more than four decades, holding numerous positions within the organization.

The associationâ??s mission is to provide quality services that nurture and improve the quality of life for children and families.

â??It's a real honor to be met by all these folks Iâ??ve worked with over the years and bring back lots of memories of children and families that Iâ??ve worked with. And I just want to say that Iâ??ve been really blessed with a great board of directors, good staff, and just a real honor to work with all the families that I have over the years,â?? said Lazio.

Hundreds of people showed up to honor Lazio. Friends and family delivered speeches detailing all of the lives Lazio has touched over the years.