Ottumwa Community School District looks ahead to next year

Ottumwa Community School District

As the school year wraps up, we spoke with the Ottumwa Community Schools board president Carol Mitchell about their progress for the year.

320 seniors graduated on Sunday, and all other students will be done for the year on June 10. Mitchell says the numbers arenâ??t in yet, but the district expects to see the highest graduation rate the school has ever seen.

â??This was the first year of our first graduating class when we implemented the freshmen academy,â?? Mitchell said, â??and so we think that had a direct contribution towards our increasing graduation rate.â??

She says the new elementary school should be complete on time when school starts back up in the fall. Then they will beging the remodeling of Douma Elementary for grades K-1, which will open in the fall of 2014. Grades 2-5 will to the new elementary school on the Southside in the fall.