Ottumwa Community Schools receive $1.3 million grant

The Legacy Foundation grants Ottumwa Community Schools $1,372,475 to be implemented over the next three years.

The Ottumwa Community School District received a $1.3 million grant Monday evening.

The announcement was made in the Ottumwa High School library just before the school board meeting. The grant comes from the Ottumwa Regional Legacy Foundation after their 14 month collaboration with the Ottumwa Community Schools District. Board members from both parties have created a two-part plan to which the money will be implemented. The first part of plan involves purchasing hardware, software and applications for students, and the second part is to provide teachers the necessary training they need to use technology as a better tool to deliver the curriculum.

â??We have as a school district set aside $1.5 million in our budget over three years,â?? Dr. Davis Eidahl, Superintendent of Ottumwa Community School said. â??And so were going to have a combined total investment of over 3 million dollars over the next 3 years to insure our students are getting 21st century learning.â??

Superintendent Eidahl says the two groups have a commitment to students having the highest quality education.