Ottumwa considers city council changes

The city of Ottumwa is considering some changes on its hiring and termination protocol. Currently in Ottumwa, it only takes a 3-2 vote to terminate or hire a city administrator. If the city council of Ottumwa made the changes they were considering, it would require a 4-1 vote of city council members to hire or fire future city administrators. With that being said, we wanted to compare how the city of Kirksville handles its procedures pertaining to employing and terminating city administrators.

â??The city council hires and fires the city manager. So, it would take a majority vote for either one of those actions which would be three of five members of council. Now for all other employees, we do use performance appraisals and progressive discipline. Obviously if there was an infraction that was severe enough, we wouldn't have to utilize the disciplinary policy if it was something that needed immediate attention,â?? said Melanie Smith Assistant City Manager for the City of Kirksville.

Smith says she is satisfied with the City of Kirksvilleâ??s personnel process and does not foresee any changes in the future.