Ottumwa construction in full swing

Construction on Pennsylvania Avenue is progressing but still has a long way to go.

Construction season is in full swing in the city of bridges.

The two biggest projects going on right now are the Market Street Bridge and Pennsylvania Avenue. Planning for reconstruction on Pennsylvania Avenue started in 2007 and will be completed in three phases. Work on both those spots is expected to continue well into the fall.

Fortunately, the weather has not had a big impact on construction so far this summer.

Next up is a significant sewer separation project south of Richmond Avenue on Ottumwa's south side, as well as some preventative road work.

"The city council just in the last week or so approved a really long list for our crack ceiling program, which is preventative maintenance," said Tom Rodgers, Ottumwa Public Information Officer. "This will probably be our biggest year for that so far."

Since construction is going on in all corners of the city, Rodgers reminds drivers to be mindful and slow down when driving through construction zones. Detours for Market Street and Pennsylvania Avenue are clearly marked throughout town, especially for getting to businesses affected by construction, so drivers can follow signs to help navigate through town.