Ottumwa Councilman speaks about Mayor Flanders' veto

On Tuesday, Ottumwa Mayor Frank Flanders officially vetoed the city councilâ??s decision to rezone the Ottumwa Vet Clinic on North Court Street.

This has caused some confusion for at least one city council member.

The decision to rezone the vet clinic was passed by council four to one, and that is all that is needed to override Flandersâ?? veto.

The council has 30 days to do just that.

Councilman Jeremy Weller said he thinks the mayor is trying to make a political statement.

Just last week Tom Lazio announced that he will be running for mayor, as well.

Weller said he has gotten phone calls from small business owners in town that support the zoning change because they want to see growth in small businesses and see continued economic development.

â??Frank has sat on the Economic Development Committee for a year and a half, so I found it really kind of odd that he would veto this item which you know will help. Itâ??s not another John Deere or Cargill, but you know it will allow them to expand their business and expand the tax base. So I really find it odd that he picked this issue in the last year and half to veto, especially since it had already passed four to one," Weller said.

Weller added that historically Flanders has struggled with the north side vote, so he thinks this is his first move to make some of those people happy.