Ottumwa couple claims marijuana was put on their McDonald's burger

The alleged tainted burger was purchased at 222 Richmond Ave.

An Ottumwa couple claims their McDonald's hamburger had marijuana on it.

Cory Long ordered two McDoubles for his pregnant fiancé late last month. He got them at the McDonalds located at 222 Richmond Ave. The couple notified police that they had consumed part of a burger that had a substance on it that appeared to be marijuana. Ottumwa Police are now investigating the case.

"A lot of things are still pending at this time," Lt. Jason Bell, of the Ottumwa Police Department said. "We first have to identify if anything's even illegal on the hamburgers in question, so that's the first step, and then we have to determine who would have placed the suspected marijuana on the cheeseburgers."

Right now, the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation is processing the possibly tainted hamburger.

We asked the lieutenant if investigators think the couple is telling the truth. He declined to give his opinion, but said the department's taking the investigation seriously. Bell says this is an isolated situation and that McDonaldâ??s management has been very cooperative with investigators.