Ottumwa CVAB plans ways to draw more tourism

Although it's nearly a year and a half away, the Ottumwa Convention and Visitor's Bureau is already planning to host the 2015 Iowa Tourism Conference.

Ottumwa will host the event jointly with Fairfield. Now CVAB Director Mark Eckman says he is learning as much as he can about planning for this year's tourism conference. It will be hosted in Council Bluffs in October. Eckman says he is taking notes on what Council Bluffs doing in order to get ideas for what will work for the next conference in 2015.

â??We want to make sure people are aware of the Canteen; it's such an institution,â?? Eckman said. â??Of course {people will} be staying at a number of our hotel properties, so they're gonna get an introduction to our hospitality here. Certainly Market on Main will be opening in a couple of weeks, and that will be a new attraction of course we're going to want to introduce folks to."

Next for the CVAB is a mobile app. They are developing a free smart phone app to easily access tourism information and find out about events going on in the community.