Ottumwa dialysis center holds open house for the public

The public got their first chance to step inside Ottumwa's new dialysis center at the DaVita clinic Tuesday evening.

The center is located next to Ottumwa Regional Health Center, in the clinic building. It has been open since May and has since been treating three patients, but the clinic is waiting on a final inspection from the state of Iowa. Once they receive the go-ahead, they'll be able to expand their number of patients.

Dialysis is the process of filtering blood when a person's kidneys have become too weak to function and with more and more cases of high blood pressure and diabetes seen world-wide, the clinic is a good resource for Ottumwa to have.

"We're seeing more and more kidney failure and so to have a dialysis unit, especially close to the hospital, it's meeting the community's needs," said Rhonda Hart, RN.

The clinic also has its own water system, which filters the water the center gets from the city in order for it to be usable for their patients. The DaVita Dialysis Center is a 12-station unit with an isolation unit.

"We have different levels of kidney disease, so it depends on the patient and their disease process," said Mica Klodt, LPN. "Then that will further break down to how much the person needs to be dialyzed."

To learn more about dialysis, or to contact the clinic, click here.