Ottumwa dog park runs smoothly with barely any incidents

An attack by a great dane killed a golden retriever at a dog park in Wentzville, Mo. this past Sunday.

We caught up with Ottumwa Parks Director Gene Rathje to discuss some of the rules at the dog park in Ottumwa.

The rules are kept simple at the self-regulated facility.

Separate sides of the park are designated for large and small dogs.

Those who bring their dogs to the park are expected to be courteous and respectful to other people and dogs.

They are also expected to keep their dogs under control and have them licensed by the city.

Rathje said in the five years the park has been open there has been one or two minor incidents.

"People that use the dog park are very friendly, positive-minded people," said Rathje. "And they're very respectful of everyone that uses the dog park and the facility itself."

Athough there have been no major incidents, Rathje said privileges to use the dog park could be revoked if one were to occur.